Who Is More Likely to Win F1 Australian Grand Prix

The Grand Prix is a motor competition held annually in Australia. This race is the oldest surviving motor racing having been held for about 77 times since it was first run at St Philip Island in 1982. However, since 1985, the race has been taking place in F1 world championship and it is currently being held in Melbourne Grand Prix circuit at Albert Park. Before its inclusion in world’s championship it used to be held in multiple venues in the state of Australia.

F1 Grand Prix is back for 2014
With about 11 teams fighting out over about 19 races, F1 battle is nearing in each passing day. Maybe you are eagerly waiting the big day when the racing will begin, with so many things running through your minds. Will Lotus continue their 2013 end of season into new 2014 season as they did with Kim Raikkonen? Or will Mercedes and red bull out do the top three Lotus, McLaren and Ferrari? Who will win F1 Australian Grand Prix this year? That is the question going through the minds of many.

Could it be red bull?
Mark Webber says, “Rivalries are awesome” and believe me he is right because he has been involved in this awesome rivalry we have experienced in the past on his great F1 profession with Red Bull. If we focus back at the Senna vs. Prost, when McLaren’s dreams were crushed and the two racers lost their concentration for focusing on each other alone.

This was not the case with Webber and Sebastian and in case mark has transferred the element of Formula one in 2014 by getting into sports car competition, and Vettel and Webbers absence we should start looking where the rivalry is this season.

What about Ferrari
Just like McLaren years back, the Scuderia have merged some of the best drivers, Fernando and Raikkonen. Will Flying Finn and Feisty Spaniard work out their differences? Their eventual boss, Ferrari president known as Luca Di Montezemolo accepted that merging them is dangerous, but this is a risk that the red team is eager to take as they seek any title for 6 years. Some people believe that Fernando is the best but, Raikkonen starts with a psychological knowledge knowing so well that he was a world champion in 2007. So the battle is tough.

What of Mercedes?
Now focusing on Silver, let’s have a look at Mercedes. They have just conquered the first positions for Jerez races and all seems to be going efficiently for them. But will the trend carry on during real races? Hamilton has a competitive edge here. After all, he is a world champion and has 22 wins whereby Rosberg has won only 3 races. But will Paddy Lowe, McLaren man make things easier for Lewis since he has joined him in the silver arrows?

Those are some of the teams that are likely to draw our attention, but it can be an awesome shock in case the next Aussie, Dan Ricardo emerges to be a big annoyance to Webber straight away.

In the vague age of power and turbo changing, it is hard to tell who the winner for F1 will be. Eventually, it might be the team instead of the driver who. But isn’t it awesome to think of “what if”?